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Ningbo Longyuan Illuminate Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded in February 1999. We are committed to working on lighting controlgear industry, and insist on making reliable power supply for luminaires in the past 18 years since its foundation, it is a state grade high and new technology enterprise with integration of research, development, manufacture and sales. The company is located beside Dongqian Lake, the biggest fresh lake in Zhejiang, it is 25km from Beilun Harbour, an international deepwater habour, and it is 500m from the exit of Dongqian Lake Highway, it is with self-owned 15,000 m2 factory, more than 300 staff. We have been providing eight kinds of category products, which are LED drive, electronic ballast for fluorescent lamp, magnetic ballast for fluorescent lamp, electronic converter, electronic ballast for HID lamp, magnetic ballast for HID lamp, electronic ignitor and capacitor, most of them have been approved with TUV, VDE, UL, CE, CQC and CCC cetificates, our distribution channels are all over the globe, ‘DS‘ is a well-known brand, specially in Europen market.

In 2004 the Quality management system of the company was accredited according to ISO 9001:2000, brand ‘DS‘ has been awarded Outstanding trade mark of Zhejiang and Famous trade mark of Zhejiang successively, the company is awarded State high and new technolocy enterprise and Ningbo patent demonstration enterprise, in 2016 the Intellectual property rights management system has been leading in, stratage for Intellectual property rights is put into effort, in August of this year Ningbo Longyuan Test Labortory was accredited as TMPL by TUV Rheinland.

After build-up in a decade, we make confidence. Via precision market orientation, series of products certification (36 pcs of series with TUV/UL certificates in the first phase) and plenty of distribution channels, with management idea ‘Product rely on charater, Honesty is foundation‘, implement company mission ‘looking for lasting love for luminaires, lighting way home for life‘, this is our national mission as well, it witness the great times from ‘China make‘ to ‘China innovation‘.



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